Port of Portsmouth

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK)

There are five ferry companies that serve the terminals: Brittany Ferries, P&O Portsmouth Ferries, Condor Ferries, LD Lines and Wightlink Ferries.

LD Lines

Crossings to Le Havre in France are run by LD Lines and take 5 hours, 30 minutes by day and 7 hours, 30 minutes by night. The Norman Spirit sails this route and can carry up to 1,850 passengers and 120 cars.

P&O Portsmouth

P&O Portsmouth offers two weekly sailings to Bilbao in Spain with a journey time of 30-35 hours. The Pride of Bilbao can hold up to 2,500 passengers and 600 cars. The ship's facilities include: four restaurants, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, a salon, casino, games room, cinemas and a bar.

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries makes daily crossings to Cherbourg in France taking approximately three hours on the express ship. The conventional ferry makes the journey in five hours by day or eight hours by night. Brittany Ferries also offers a sailing to St Malo in France, which takes 9 hours during the day and 12 hours at night. The Normandie Express sails to Cherbourg and offers good onboard facilities including shopping, restaurants and a bar. The Val de Loire makes crossing to St Malo and can hold 2,200 passengers and 580 cars. The Val de Loire has shops, a children's playroom, two cinemas, bars and a games room.

Brittany Ferries has several daily crossings to Caen in France that take around six hours during the day, eight hours by night and 3 hours, 45 minutes by express ship. The Mont St Michel, the Normandie and the Normandie Express all make the crossing. The Mont St Michel can carry 2,200 passengers and 800 cars. Onboard facilities include bars, a cinema, games room, slot machines, a shopping mall and children's playroom. The Normandie has room for up to 2,123 passengers and 600 cars. Facilities on the Normandie include a cinema, slot machines, a children's playroom, a shopping mall and bars. The Normandie Express runs the express routes to Caen. It can host up to 900 passengers and 280 cars. Onboard amenities include a shop, café, restaurant and bar.

Condor Ferries

Condor Ferries has daily crossings, with the exception of Sundays, to St Helier in Jersey, and St Peter Port in Guernsey. The crossing to Jersey takes ten hours, and to Guernsey it takes 6 hours, 30 minutes. The Commodore Clipper sails to both Jersey and Guernsey and can hold up to 300 passengers and 100 cars. The ship's facilities include duty-free shopping, a children's area, a bakery and a lounge bar.

Wightlink Ferries

Wightlink Ferries serves the Isle of Wight Passenger and Car Terminals, offering several daily crossings to Ryde and Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight. FastCat catamarans make the crossing to Ryde in 15 minutes and to Fishbourne in 35 minutes. Onboard facilities include a café, lounge area and gift shop.

Portsmouth Port

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